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Fountain of Truth Church was founded by Pastor S.G. Wise. From its origin, it has been a work that has drawn its inspiration and direction from the revelation knowledge of the Word of God. Pastor S.G. Wise grew up on the southwest side of Atlanta in the Carver Homes community. He graduated from Luther Judson Price High School and earned a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from Albany State University where he was a standout scholarship baseball player.  Out of college, Pastor Wise started his career as an Accountant for several well-known Atlanta area companies. He reached the height of his professional career as the Education Director of the well-known Massey Business College located in Atlanta, Ga.


During his professional career, Pastor Wise began to answer the call God had placed on his life. He started a small bible study in the home of his parents. Over time with friends, relatives, and colleagues in attendance, bible study began to grow, and on April 19, 1986 what is now Fountain of Truth Church was founded.


One day in 1994 while managing an established business college in Atlanta, Pastor Wise was called into full time ministry. He answered the call and left his corporate career to dedicate his time and energy into teaching the uncompromised truth of God's Word. Through visions, dreams, and direct fellowship with Father God, Pastor Wise guided Fountain of Truth to new heights of spiritual understanding and never ceased to teach the uncompromised truth of God’s Word.
With the perseverance of a Warrior, Pastor Wise led the flock of willing FTC members through the trials and tests of ministry and has been the glue that has held the standard of truth together for the members. He has guided, counseled, healed, and delivered countless individuals with his teachings and application of the word of God. FTC has spawned Ministers and soldiers for Christ for over 30 years now. And with a full head of Steam, FTC is on the rise. Under the direction of the Holy Spirit and the application of the Authority described in God’s word, the members of FTC have ministered and experienced the miracles, signs, and wonders that our Savior Jesus Christ told us to expect; all while getting a greater understanding of how to apply the word of God and get the victory in their personal lives.

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